Hi Lori,
I entered Raven in the IABCA show in Orlando last weekend for some training and practice. I entered not expecting much and she far exceeded my expectations. She showed 4 times and received SG1 ratings { the highest rating a puppy can receive}in all 4 show and attained her International puppy championship. On the last show she won best of breed puppy and then went on to win group 3 in the working group!!!!!! I have copied the links for the videos below so you can see what she looks like now. On the videos you will see all the puppy class winners that she had to beat to win Best of breed. She was the youngest puppy there by at least 3 months with the puppy classes going up to 18 months old. She is such a beautiful puppy and is 65 pounds and just turned 6 moths old. I will send the pictures of her with her awards when they come in. Our next show is a German style show this weekend in NC.We love our little girl so much and am grateful that you sent her to us.I will keep the updates coming so you can share our joy with us.
MORE EXCITING NEWS…….Today at a very tough AKC January circuit show, our baby girl Raven won Best of Winner got her 1st 2 AKC champion points. It was amazing, 1st she had to win her 9-12 month class and then she went in with all the adult bitch class winners and won winners bitch and then went back in and beat the winners dog for Best of Winners. She just turned 9 months old on the 15th and is already AKC pointed, amazing!!! When we were taking the winners picture with the judge she said to me that she hopes she get to judge her she is full grown and that she has everything right now and will turn out very nice. This is a 10 day show here in Florida and all the top handlers are here with all the top dogs and I only entered Raven for training and experience and sure didn’t expect her to win. What a great day. We are very proud of our little girl.Raven looks great right now, she is approx 85 pounds and is starting to fill out nicely in the chest and getting a beautiful head.
More great news on Raven. We did a AKC show in Lakeland Fl last weekend and Raven won Winners Bitch 3 out of the 4 days. She now has 5 AKC points at only 10 months old. It was a great weekend and I am just amazed with this puppy. I will send you the pictures when I get them. This weekend we are headed to Tallahassee for a Rottweiler Speciality and AKC show. I also entered Raven in the puppy sweepstakes at that show. I will let you know how she does.
Thanks for everything,
Durenda Henry,
Orlando FL


I cant say enough about this breeder. She is absolutely amazing. I have had terrible experiences with breeders in the past, and I can honestly say I found the one. I will go to know one else. I drove from Schererville Indiana a 12 hour trip and it was worth every single minute. My puppy is absolutely gorgeous. Big head, strong body nice marking just PERFECT. She is very honest….Every picture she sent me was accurate. YES it was actual pictures of the puppy. NICE… She dose not lie and her dogs are amazing. Ohhhh did I mention temperament. All her dogs were friendly. Her place was extremely clean and you can tell she loves what she dose. People you found your breeder do not go to anyone else. Also if you can travel to her it is soooooo worth it. She has amazing dogs. Email me if you want to see a pic of my pup.
Lauren Walton
Schererville Indiana

Poncho & Lefty

My husband searched the web for weeks and talked with several breeders before finding Stoney Creek. The first conversation with Lori lasted about an hour. After their discussion, he looked at me and said, “I can’t explain it, but she’s the one”. Lori was fantastic. She answered every question we had, returned calls and emails in a timely manner and kept us up-to-date on the latest developments with our babies. She sent weekly pictures after they were born. She gave us little details along the way – which one was alpha, which one liked to sleep by himself, which one didn’t care for a lot of attention. We picked up our boys on Jan 15, 09 and couldn’t be happier. You get the absolute best with Lori and Stoney Creek Rottweilers. We would highly recommend Lori.
Laura and Keith


I must admit that I was nervous about purchasing a puppy online, but after speaking with Lori about her dogs and services, I just knew that I had found the right breeder!! I picked ‘Bella’ up on January 23, 2009. I could not have been happier or more impressed!! When other breeders that I spoke with treated me as if I was “just another number”, Lori went out of her way to ensure that I was satisfied and got exactly what I was looking for. Lori is very knowledgeable of the breed, and her “superior dogs” are proof!! If you’re serious about purchasing a QUALITY Rottweiler – look no further!!! Stoney Creek is truly impressive!!
Kelly Leatherwood


After speaking to Lori i knew she was the right breeder.I had a specific image of a rottweiler that I wanted and I got everything I wanted and more.I got my puppy two weeks ago and he is perfect.He has everything from beautiful markings and build to a great personality.Everything that Lori says on her web page about her dogs is 110% true.Not only does she deliver great dogs but she is also one of the most professional and knowledgeable people that I’ve ever come across.Lori always took time to answer all of my questions no matter how big or how small.She also kept me updated every week with pictures of my puppy until he came home.In my opinion STONEY CREEK IS THE BEST!
Alex Alukachik
Bridge Port, CT

The Midas touch

Midas is the fifth Rottie we have owned. He replaces Shasta an 11 1/2 year old male who left us for Rottie heaven. Midas has made our lives a little brighter. We purchased Midas online from Lori at Stoney Creek. He made the 3 hour drive to pick him up well worth it. He is very intelligent, gentle, loving & playful. Lori has done a wonderful job socializing her dogs. lori brings her dogs up in a wonderful & loving setting which accounts for their good nature. We feel blessed to have such a good Pup.
Robert & Mary Corbin
Morganton, GA


We just got a puppy from the previous litter, of the same parents. We have had our puppy for about 2 weeks, He is amazing. He has already been potty trained, he sits on command before entering through a door or gate, He also sleeps all night in his crate. Spartacus our puppy is Gorgeous. I would recommend getting a puppy from Lori @ Stoney Creek Rottweilers, Lori is a kind and caring Breeder.
Christian and Trenton Johnston
Vernal, Utah


If you are looking to get the best rottie available then you should contact StoneyCreek. The male puppy that I received from the Vento and Zana litter has been spectacular. Gunther has gorgeous markings and a beautiful temperament too. Gunther bonded with me within 1 day and was potty trained within 1 weekend. Gunther is presently in puppy kindergarten obedience training and the instructor has commented numerous times that Gunther is an extremely easy to train puppy. Gunther also goes with me to the nursing home to visit my mom, and he loves everyone he meets, and they look forward to seeing him!! I cannot say how satisfied I have been with the purchase of my puppy and the ongoing support/guidance I have received from Lori. I would NOT BUY a dog FROM ANY OTHER BREEDER THAN LORI!!
John Hall
Palm Harbor, FL

Incredible, Loving, Kind Angel of a Puppy.

I just wanted to thank you soooooo much for the most incredible, loving, kind angel of a puppy. He is so happy in his new home. I love the sweater too, so kind of you. He loves the Poms and they all get along. He sleeps with us on the bed with the Poms and it will be funny when he turns 100 some pounds. He is so spoiled already and he is getting potty training well. Bless you for raising the best temperament and the most beautiful rotties,
With much love, Nada Mirat
Conifer, Colorado

Best rotties on the planet!

If you’re looking for the perfect puppy, look no more! Stoney Creek has the prettiest rotties on the planet. I found Lori at Stoney Creek Rottweilers after looking through hundreds of websites for the perfect puppy. I was very impressed with her knowledge of the breed and how she raises her rotties. I live only 4 hours from Lori, so I drove to her kennel to pick up my little angel. All her animals have PLENTY of room to run, and everything is extremely clean. Her puppies and adults have been very well socialized and just want loving. She knows the personality of each puppy which is essential in matching the right puppy with the right owner. She’s also available to answer questions after the sale. After talking with her, you feel like a friend for life. Do not be afraid to buy a puppy from Lori without seeing it or her kennel in person. I give my highest recommendation to Lori. I also invite anyone to email me at kaypierce@bellsouth.net if you have any questions.
Kay Pierce


I wanted to thank you for another excellent puppy!!
I had taken her to the Vet today to get her shots and he commented on how her face and markings were just beautiful.Most of the office personnel wanted to know if we intended to breed her and off course I told them that was a little far down the road, but I just gave them your number and website.Everybody in the office had to come and play with her
I also think she is going to be very smart.She knows where her food,bed and all is.It does not take her long to figure things out.We already have her sleeping time adjusted with ours so things are very good.We just could not be happier with our new Family addition.You know all our kids or grown and gone so we treat them as children and not animals.
Thanks again so much,
Dan & Jan Brunson
Quitman, LA

This guy is fantastic!!!

Hey Lori,
Wow! The life is definitely back in our house. This guy is fantastic!!! Full of energy and cruising around the house and yard like he’s been here for years.He started out as Samson, but now he is known as Kaiser.The boys are thrilled and are so happy to have another Rottie! We made the right choice by coming to you. Your place is fantastic! Kaiser is eating well and often. Only a couple of accidents in the house and has a favorite spot in the yard to take care of business.Things are going great with Kaiser.He certainly has livened up the
house! He is full of energy and in to everything.I went on a four day trip and couldn’t believe how much he had grown.
House training going well and he is a quick study with the basic commands. Leash training is going well also.Certainly more head strong than our female, but he is easy to work with and now knows his place in the pack.The boys love him and spend lots of time playing with him and all his toys.Thanks again and we will keep you posted.

Lee & Margaret
Atlanta, GA


Hello Lori,
I am not sure if you remember or not but I bought one of your puppies. You had her listed as massive 23lbs. Well I just wanted to give you an update to tell you HOW HAPPY WE ARE. She (massive 23) has been named Bianca and is a wopping 80lbs. She is SO BEAUTIFUL and SO SWEET and MASSIVE!!! She loves our children especially my son, which he is the reason we wanted her. They play together, sleep together and eat together, they are inseparable. She does get sad when he goes off to school. She will go in his room and lay down until he comes home and will only come out to look out the front window. We couldn’t have gotten a better dog and wanted to let you know KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. You are an excellent breeder!!!! I am at work right now and unable to forward you a pic of her but I will try to send you one this week, just so you can see her now.
Thank you for a wonderful dog,
Cherise & family

Top Quality Puppies

<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>After owning and loving Rottweilers for 20yrs I recently purchased a puppy from Lori. I am very impressed with the quality and the personality of my puppy. I am awe at the substance, dark eye,and her overall structure. I have purchased many Rottweilers over the years,and have not been as impressed as I am with this puppy. My vet says she is in perfect health and they love how sweet she is. I would recommend Stoney Creek Kennels for the purchase of your next Rottweiler through Lori. She was very thorough at understanding at what I was looking for in my puppy and she was right on. I would purchase another puppy from her. I am looking forward to many years of great things with my new Stoney Creek pup. She has her Natl. and Int. BA puppy championship at 4 mos. She is now 11 months old, I have entered her 11 different shows, and she has won 1st PLACE in EVERY SHOW!! ALL the judges compliment me on what a lovely young bitch she is!!
Sandra Pearce, Florida

Great puppy from quality breeder!

The male puppy I purchased from Lori 2 weeks ago is now 10 weeks old, and I am absolutely thrilled with him! He has a great temperament and is completely healthy. I drove almost 1200 miles to get him, but to see Lori’s kennel and all her other dogs set my mind at ease about selecting a dog over the internet. All the dogs were friendly, even the adults, and everything on her farm was clean. She provided me with lots of information & was always happy to answer questions. I’m having no trouble at all potty training him, and he’s already learned to “sit”, “stay” and “come” on command. Of course the Sausages help with that too! She is a quality breeder and I would gladly refer any of my friends and family to her for a great puppy. I would definitely buy a puppy from her again!
Daniela, Matteson, IL



Awesome Breeder

We got a Rottweiler pup from Lori, and were thoroughly impressed. We went to her farm and everything was neat, clean and well organized. The pups and adults were friendly and well cared for. They were all beautiful dogs and great representation of the Rottweiler breed. We would definitely buy another pup from Lori, and we would highly recommend her to anyone else who is looking for a quality Rottweiler.
James,Washington KY


I bought a puppy from Lori at Stoney Creek , and I’m thankful I did. My puppy has been such a pleasure to have. He is very big, smart and loves to please everyone!! I thought I would have to send him for training, but he is so smart,I have trained him myself. When I went and met the Rotties at Stoney s, I was amazed at how obedient and loving they were(once they knew I was suppose to be at there home). Everything was just as Lori had said. It’s so nice to know that there are still good honest breeders in this world!! I would recommend Lori at Stoney Creek to anyone wanting a top quality Rottweiler.
Carol, Easley SC


I was very apprehensive about buying a puppy over the internet. Lori was very kind to me. She has great knowledge of Rotts and how to rear puppies. Our beautiful,robust girl met us at Ohare Airport, hardly frazzled! So calm and sweet, giving kisses all the way home! She is a lovely pup, my husband even remarked at how well socialized and outgoing, just as Lori had said. I am thankful to Lori and all she does .Vicky
Vicky, Saukvilliage ,IL

We Love our Puppy!!

This is our 2nd Stoney Creek pup and she is amazing!! Lori is very easy to talk to honest and fair she will work with you and makes the whole transaction easy!! We wont get our Rotties anywhere else Thank you Lori, Your the best!!!!
Bob and Jill Bennett, Bryan Ohio

Beautiful Girl With Excellent Temperament

I bought a female Rottweiler from Stoney Creek, and she is a great girl in every way!! Before I had met Lori and all of her dogs I was VERY afraid of the breed,I had believed what everyone had said about Rottweilers.After spending a little time at Stoney Creek, I new that I would be more than happy with one of her dogs, they ALL are very obedient and pretty. I never thought I would own a Rottweiler, but I am so glad that I chose to get one,she is the greatest dog I have ever owned! I feel that if you want a quality dog with a great temperament, and beauty, Choose Stoney Creek
Norma, Bremen GA

fabulous puppy!!

The puppy is still doing fabulously!  He’s taken to potty training extremely well and he gets along with our older Rottweiler as if they’d known each other all of his life.

Tabatha Burcher,
Atlanta Ga

Valkyrie is truely an angel

 Hello-  You may not remember me – my name is Lisa and I became Valkyrie’s canine friend.  I hate to say I “bought” him, because we are such friends and he is a valued member of our family.  He loves everyone- almost everyone- he does not like about 1 out of 500 people.  He has never bitten. He doesn’t participate in dog arguments and his vet loves him. Val is 3 1/2 now..  I would like to breed Valkyrie with another large rott- i can’t imagine him ever not being here.  He is beautiful, happy, well mannered and very much loved.  The below picture was last year when my grand twins were born while my son was in Afghanistan.  Valkyrie loves all 7 of my grandchildren.Valkyrie is truely an angel.  I believe that he is an angel.  Thank you for allowing me to share his pictures with you.  The little girl is my grandtwin Izabelle.  She and Valkyrie are great friends. Valkyrie 3 years ago…. with his friend Zartan.  He is a very gentle soul.  I thank God for directing me to your web page and for you showing me Valkyrie.  God sent.  God Bless you and I pray you have much continued success.
Lisa Guthrie

Couldn’t be happier

Hello Lori,
We wanted to thank you for Tara. She is such a gift and we couldn’t be happier! Donovan takes Tara everywhere with him and she absolutely knows that he is hers:)
I really can’t explain how happy we all are and how much we thank you.
I hope you enjoy the pictures


Hello Lori, I just wanted to let you know that Georgia is doing great !!!! I took her to the vet, for her shots and check up last week…She is healthy and doing great…..28lbs.I know she was born in Feb. but what was the date, I forgot. Anyway all perfect, I am so very happy with her…

Thanks Again…..Tootsi


Extremely Happy

We purchased a female from the CH. VENTO OD DRAGICEVICA and MONA Vom Zollerblick litter. She is extremely smart and turning into a beautiful dog and we are extremely pleased. Lori is a very honest and trustworthy person and I would recommend purchasing a rottweiler puppy from her to anyone. I look forward to getting another puppy from her in the near future.


Lori is one of the greatest in patience and answering questions. I had never bought a puppy over the internet before and she answered all my questions and gave excellent information. When the puppy (Sadie) arrived she was beautiful in every way; temperament, disposition, color, just an overall excellent example of the breed. She seemed like she had been potty trained when we received her because she settled right in with my other dogs and started going in and out with them just like she was used to doing this all the time. I cannot say enough about Lori and her excellent Rotties. Keep up the good work!!!

Cathy Barfield
Corpus Christi, Texas

We love our Koby (Quantas/Sophie litter-Sept 07)

On October 20th 2007 I picked up my male puppy at Bangor International Airport, Maine. Sadly, I was unable to go to Georgia to get him myself. Well, when I first seen him, I got the chills and I started to cry. He was and is absolutely gorgeous with an incredible disposition. He was very calm and very loving. Lori met ALL of our wishes and made our dreams a reality; she is an impeccable breeder with outstanding knowledge of the breed. She is also a great friend; you really get to know Lori during the 8wks by her keeping you updated with emails, pictures, and by phone. I can’t begin to tell you how many questions and concerns I had, but Lori always replied in a professional and knowledgeable manner, willing to go above and beyond. Lori’s hard work and dedication, shows in her pups and adult dogs. I would recommend her and have to everyone that is looking for a “True Rottweiler.” Thank you Lori and family for a job well done.
The DeFlaminis Family

Beautiful Bianca

I purchased my female puppy named Bianca in February and had to have her shipped. This was the first time I had ever handled shipment of a dog. Stoney Creek made the process very easy and simple. They walked me through all the steps and was available to field my many many phone calls and emails. As for the puppy she is now 8 months old and weights 80lbs. She is very well-bread. She is so beautiful. Her markings, her colors, her shiny coat, everything is perfect. She is very well mannered. It took no time at all to train her. She is very eager to please. She is very loving, sweet, loyal and protective. She is great with our neighbors pets, our friends, family and my children, especially my son, they do EVERYTHING together. Everything I could ever ask for she is just that. I am extremely happy with my purchase and highly recommend Stoney Creek to anyone who is looking for a top of the line Rotty because you will get just that.


Hi Lori

I wanted to update you on my new puppy named, Champ. He has been amazing! He has been such a calm good boy. It’s amazing to see the amount of other Rottweiler owners in Boston that see Champ and remark at how beautiful he is. I may have some referrals for you. I have given you info to two people that are in the market for a new puppy.
He is starting to eat better, he’s more confident around my home and has started to do a much better job potty training. He misses me at night and doesn’t love his cage but he has been significantly better this past week.
I have already been to my first dog obedience class and we have two more next week. I will keep you posted with pictures for your website and I would be happy to write a testimonial. I am so happy that we met and I appreciate all the conversations you had with me to help me through this process.
Brian Burke
Boston, MA

Best natured rottweiles

My name is Jenny Burrow.My husband and I bought two puppies from Lori, a male and a female.I`ve had rotties for a long time and really love this breed.My husband and I found Loris web site on the internet and went to check her kennel out.And I`ve got to say she has an excellent and well kept kennel.And knows everthing about the rottweiler breed. You can really tell she loves breeding and raising her dogs.Loris rotties have such a good temperment.The whole time we were there and saw all her dogs and puppies not one of them ever growled at us.Even the ones with puppies.Believe me as far as getting a rottie from Lori you can`t go wrong.Zeus and Zelda is our pride and joy.If you have any questions about the two we got from Lori just email me at jsb13@windstream.net or call me at 334-541-3234.
Thanks and God Bless Lori and her Family,
Jenny Burrow,


<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>I just wanted to give you an update on Roxy. She’s doing so good and we love her a lot. She’s been a great addition to our family. She’s getting lots of exercise and socialization at the dog park and downtown Greenville. Everyone loves her and she does really well with all the attention. We have a private training lesson this week–she was showing some possessiveness over her bone so we are going to work on that. We start puppy training classes at pet smart next week as well. I think she’s going to pick it up quickly. She seems really smart. She’s a great pup.

Jenell Kosmicki
Greenville SC

VetTech/Handler/hobby breeder/trainer110% satisfied

Lori at Stoney Creek was wonderful every step of the puppy buying process. I received updates and photos all the time, allowing me to see my boy, Lyon ,growing up! I cannot express how much of a total package Lyon is. As a Handler in AKC conformation, He meets and represents the standard 100%. As a vet tech, Health wise, is perfect as well, very sound. As a trainer of my dogs, his first day in Bite work training, he was on a tug and shaking like a pro. Hes is a Healthy, BEAUTIFUL driven pup. As a hobby breeder, I cant wait to incorporate him into my breeding program. Thanks LORI!!!
Liz Powers
Greenville SC

Top Dogs!!

My fiance and I purchased our boy Winston in March 2010 and we are EXTREMELY happy with him. On his first day home he walked around so confident and cool around our other dogs (two Boxers and one Chihuahua). By his first week he was potty trained, by his eleventh he knew what ‘Sit, Speak, and Shake’ meant. Winston continues to amaze us each and everyday, he is now five months and forty-two pounds, in puppy class, and learning the basics to become the next top show dog. Not to mention his teacher is an AKC judge (who herself is into rotts) and loves his look! We are very thankful that Stoney Creek breeds beautiful, massive and most importantly healthy rottweilers. Thank you Lori for Winston and we hope he makes you proud in the show ring. We cannot wait to enter him in his first show.
Las Vegas, Nevada


Hi Lori,
I just wanted to let you know that our baby Brogan, now 9 weeks, is the best dog we have ever owned. He is so smart, it’s just amazing what he has learned in two short weeks. He is very loving and the vet said he was the best looking Rottie she had ever seen! I gave everyone your website so they could go in and look at all your dogs, and especially Aldo and Ida. Brogan is reacting very well with all visitors and especially kids, not afraid of anything and is about to go to puppy class next week. He already knows his name, come, sit and ‘let’s go outside’. Loves to fetch the ball!! Not bad for such a sweet little baby!! He weighs in at 21 pounds and loves to sit in my lap!
We will be sending you pictures soon so that you can see how happy he is with us!
thanks again,
Linda and Whit Keenum
Huntsville AL


Koda and I would just like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas Season. Koda and I are doing great. She is by far the best thing I ever did. She is so good natured and has no idea that she is weighing in at over 120lbs
By the way, I did not teach her to smile- she is just naturally a happy girl.
God Bless.
Stacey,Atlanta, GA

Excellent Superior Rottwielers!!!!

My name is Melinda Alston, I purchased a male rottwieler from Stoney Creek Rottweilers- Lori Watkins from Waco Georgia. His Name is Maximus He is worth every penny I spent on him. He has the sweetest temperamant,Most (Beautiful Markings)Big block head, and Big Mass body. I will do business again with Mrs.Watkins and encourage fellow Rottwieler Lovers to purchase through Stoney Creek Rottweilers. You get what you pay for. If any potential buyers would like to see Pictures of my (Maximus) you can E-mail me @ Melindaalston002@aol.com I will be more than happy to send pictures of my Rotti…..
Melinda Alston


I recently bought another dog from stoney creek kennels and again I’m very happy I did .I have owned rotts for 15 yrs some of which have had problems . I have bought 2 rotts from Lori and they have been the best looking and have the best temperaments that I have seen. Both dogs are also very loving with kids. I would recommend anyone who is interested in buying a rott to buy it from Lori.
Jasen , Hollywood,FL.


I bought a puppy from Stoney Creek Rottweilers, he was SO MASSIVE and SUPER SMART!! I had looked at 100’s of puppies, but NONE COMPARED to the quality that I found at Stoney Creek!! EVERYTHING about the puppy was just as Lori had said. I have had my puppy for 2 months and he has been WONDERFUL!!! If you want an awesome rott, that is very beautiful and a perfect example of the breed, then you should buy from Lori at Stoney Creek Rottweilers.

Purchase of Rottie on line

Stoney Creek Kennel has an excellent reputation. Lori is such a joy to work with and she believes in improving the breed. I bought my 15 week old 40 lb. German Rottie from her four weeks ago and am well pleased. I have owned Rotties for years and he is exactly what I was looking for. He is very intelligent and sweet natured. Loves the animals and plays with my Rag Doll kitten (gently). She has a superb quality of dog in her Rottweilers. They are German Rottweilers. When I went to pick up my puppy, I was so impressed with how well behaved her dogs were. She has quite a selection. Stoney Creek is not a back yard kennel. Lori is tops. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a great Rottie. God Bless Lori.

Beth Herrin
Americas GA

Superior Quality Puppy

I looked at many many puppies before I saw the puppies at Stoney Creek Rottweilers. I was amazed at the difference in Lori’s puppies and those I had seen everywhere else that I had looked. My puppy was the last one in that particular litter that was available. She is so smart, very obedient and just gorgeous with beautiful markings. I had no problems at all with the transaction. Lori was extremely patient and kind and very helpful and informative. She takes wonderful care of all her animals, especially the puppies. I visited her facilities in Georgia, and they are very clean and well kept. It is actually a farm. And the dogs have the run of the place. I am very pleased with my puppy and recommend that if you are looking for a puppy, do business with Lori and Stoney Creek Rottweilers.
Atlanta, GA

Beautiful puppy

I got my puppy, Lily, on July 13, 2008. I have had 2 rotts and fostered 3 so I have some experience with Rottweilers. She is incredibly beautiful and smart. I was not sure about buying a puppy online but I am so happy I did. She was housebroken in 3 days and is the perfect Rottweiler. She is huge, big head, has perfect color and markings. She is a girl and she has that beautiful female Rottweiler face and look that is just so pretty. My vet was so impressed with her. She’s 13 weeks now and knows sit, stay, and come. Lori is great and I would not hesitate to buy a dog from her. Ever. She knows her dogs and she will let you know the personality. My puppy is a sweet lover and she also has all the right Rottweiler traits.She loves to work at her training and we work on basic commands every day. If you want the Rottweiler personality and brains you should not hesitate to call Lori at Stoney Creek. If you’d like to talk, do not hesitate to email me, laurengavitt@embarqmail.com
Lauren Gavitt


We purchased a male rottie from Stoney Creek in November 2006 from the pedigree of Dimarions Black Onyx Shakite and Ch Goldshields hawn Punch. He has a great disposition and temperment. He is also very well trained and great with our children.
Lisa Millet
Morgan City, LA

Very Happy

We searched on the internet for several months before deciding to purchase from Lori at Stoney Creek Rottweilers. The experience was awesome. She was very upfront and honest about everything and actually helped me decide which puppy would be best for me and my family. We are very happy with our purchase and will be coming back to Lori later for another Stoney Creek Rottweiler.

Jason Loyd
Beebe, AZ


<topmargin=”2″ leftmargin=”2″>I am Clif Coleman (grew up on farm in Tennessee, now live in Norfolk, VA, drove down to pick up) and in April I picked up Sadie, my dark colored female rottie. I just wanted to touch base with you and see how things were going for you in Waco, GA and give you an update on our little girl. I would first like to say that I am happy to see that you now have a website to help get your name out on the web. I have nothing but great things to say about Sadie. From her great temperament to her intelligence and willingness to please, she exemplifys everything that drew me to the breed in the first place. She is great with cats, dogs, babies, toddlers, adults, etc. Whether on a walk around the neighborhood, at the pet store, or at the dog park, people are continually coming up to Jennifer and me to complement us about her outstanding appearance and personality and want to know where we got her. Don’t worry….we are all to happy to tell them where we got her and how to contact you. Thank you again for producing such an outstanding product. We will definitely be coming back to you for any future rottie purchases.
As for the update on Sadie, I have included some pictures of her progress at various stages. She is now approximately 23 weeks old, weighs 46.5 lbs, and stands 20 inches tall. She has already successfully completed Puppy Kindergarten and will start Beginner Obedience Classes on Thursday, August 16th. She is doing great with all of the obedience work with the ultimate goal of receiving her canine good citizen certificate.
As stated before, she is a joy to own and a great testament to your hard work in breeding such a high quality product. Good luck to you in the future.
Clif Coleman
Norfolk, VA

Best Rottie’s Around

We could not be happier with or Rottie puppy, Betsy, or with Stoney Creek Rottweilers Kennel. I contacted and talked to many owners of kennels but none stood out or put me to ease like Lori at Stoney Creek. Her knowledge and love for her dogs is evident and her patience and profession with her customers is just as exceptional. She answered every question I had and kept me updated on our puppy’s progress with emails and pictures. She also made the shipping process a pleasant experience. Betsy, our puppy, is the most beautiful dog. She has perfect coloring and is massive in size, it is obvious that she is the “real thing”. She has adjusted wonderfully to her new home and has already made best friends with my one year old daughter and our 4 year old dachsund. She is so smart, eager to please and has the best kisses. We will never buy a Rottie anywhere else and feel blessed to have found Lori and her “Superior Dogs”
Susy Spann


I recently just purchased a rottweiler puppy from Lori at stoney creek rottweilers, after being on the hunt for the highest quality rott, I was searching for months untill I came across the puppyfind and saw a picture one of Lori’s puppies, at first I wasn’t to sure about purchasing a puppy from off the internet and out of state, but after speaking with Lori a few times and seeing several pictures of her puppies I decided to go for it, one of the best choices I’ve ever made!! Lori kept me informed and updated with pictures up until he was shipped. When I saw my puppy for the first time in person, I was even more impressed with the quality that he is, my puppy is a very smart and sweet boy and has a nice mellow temperament. For every one out there looking for a top quality rott, I highly recommened you to contact Lori at stoney creek rottweilers. If you have any questions or would like to see some pics of my boy you can email me at bruceleebuggy@aol.com
Brandon Hollywood, FL


Our puppy we got from Lori is more than amazing! So smart, so willing to please, so adaptable to every new thing in her life! Loves everyone (big and little)! The staff in the vet office flipped out over her! I didn’t think I was going to get to leave with her. They tried their hardest to get me to leave her to “hang out ” with them for the day! Every command she knows instantly! Her personality & expressions will melt you! She is the perfect dog! And we’re cat people! I would like to think our pup is unique, but after communicating with Lori, meeting her and her family, seeing her set up, and meeting the other rotties, (grown and pups)I would venture to say they are all as good natured, intelligent, healthy, and as beautiful as our precious Belle! If I could afford another one, I ‘de get one from her today, right now! And I get one of her pups for everyone on my Christmas List!
Lisa Rice Tennessee


This was the first time I have ever bought a puppy on the internet and I could’nt be more pleased. Lori answered any questions I had either by email or a phone call. I appreciate the care and knowledge she shared with me. The female puppy I received is absolutely beautiful..but more important I oould tell that she had been well taken care of both socially and physically. I have had Rotts before and this little girl(16 lbs at 8 weeks) is above and beyond any one of them. I have had her now for just 3 days. She is very easy to train..she wants to learn. Lori knowledge of rottweilers is remarkable..and her caring of the new puppies and the new homes is impressive. I would urge anyone looking for a perfect rott to check out Stoney Creek First. Bless you Lori!!
Linda Johnston
Longmount, Colorado


I wasn’t looking for a puppy. We had just lost the love of our lives on Nov. 30th, Gustav, after 10.5 wonderful and love filled years. Online I saw a “PuppyFind.com” link. We drove 6 hours to just meet Lori, her dogs, see her facilities, so if we liked them, we would know where to go when we were ready. We now have a new addition to our family, a beautiful little girl. I NEVER would have EVER thought I would have purchased a dog that I found on a computer. Once we met Lori, her adult dogs, the puppies she had, and saw her facilities, we knew. Lori and her family put their heart and soul into raising this beautiful breed and it shows throughout all of her dogs, big and small. Everyone that has met our puppy have commented on her looks and her sweet temperament, even the vet loves her already! If you want a member of your family, a loving and loyal TRUE rottweiller, visit Stoney Creek, meet Lori and her dogs. You’ll fall in love too. Thanks Lori.
Don & Kerry Briggs
Pensacola, Florida


Hey Mrs. Watkins,
Just wanted to let you know that little Rogue is doing really well at her new home. She loves all the attention and is so so smart. She is the most mellow and patient puppy I’ve ever seen. She has a love for sticks just like her daddy and always picks them up in the yard. She’s pratically house trained too! We couldn’t be happier with our little puppy and we thank you so much for breeding such awesome dogs.

-Mark and Chrissy
Marriatta Georgia

most magnificent dog

Hi Lori

This is the most magnificent dog.  She is breed beautiful, intelligent, loving, calm and protective.  The girls and I just love her.  She is perfect for our family!

I bought her from you 3/14/09. Thanks for loving this breed and contributing so well to their lines.  We couldn’t be happier.  If you are still breeding in five years, I plan on getting another one.



Joshua has not only lived up to your description of your puppies, he has exceeded it. He has brought more joy and love into our home than I expected. He is very loving and very intelligent.He excelled in puppy classes, he was housebroke in less than a week.He is very friendly with all my family and friends.He is also very mischievous, he has learned to open cabinet doors and dresser drawers, he likes to pull out everything from the cabinets and dresser and carry these items all over the house. When he is hungry he brings me his food dish, which he taught himself.He loves to ride in the car and on our boat.Charles and I laugh at times that he is one of your low energy puppies. We often wonder what Joshua would be like if he was a high energy puppy since he goes non-stop for hours before he takes a nap.
I can not express our gratitude enough for this wonderful addition to our lives. Thank you for caring so much for the breed and raising such superior Rotties.
Charles and Gerri Adkins
Scottsboro, Alabama


I got my puppies from Lori May 2008. Bear is my male and Bella my female. They are just awesome puppies and excellent members of our family. Lori was great to work with and really cares about the Rottweiler breed. Over the weeks we talked we became friends and I appreciate all the hard work she puts into her puppies. Lori even went out of her way to work with my daughter to surprise me with Bella. Thanks Lori for all your hard work it pays off when you raise nice dogs like these. If you are looking for great dogs to become members of your family look no more Lori has them!
Nancy Vines


Dallas is the joy of my everyday life and has been since I brought her home. She is now 19 months.After this whole experience, I have a very strong desire to continue improving the breed in any way possible and feel you would be my very best source of knowledge. Looking forward to talking to you again and thanks for all of your help. You have been wonderful and so has Dallas. Thanks for everything.
Brian Batts

Candi Kaine

WOW!!,What an experience!!! We have been looking at Lori’s website for years before purchasing our first Stoney Creek Rottie. We have raised Rotties our whole life and the quality of bone structure, markings and temperament is amazing. Lori is very knowledgeable and understanding about all the questions and concerns. We drove two days to pick up Kaine and cannot wait to purchase our second.
Phyllis Harmon

Xavi, most wonderful young dog

Hi Lori,
Not sure if you remember me but I flew down from Philadelphia to pick up a puppy from you a few months back..
We had an old Rottweiler who had not been enjoying he best of health..and hoped that the new dog may breathe some life into her…
Xavi has turned out to be the most wonderful young dog and we couldn’t be more pleased with him..he has a great temperament and is a very social animal. I was taken by his father when you showed him to me and he seems to have the same warm personality..but the biggest blessing has been how he has impacted our other dog’s life beyond swinging from her ears and constantly wanting to horse play…they have become inseparable and he certainly has breathed life into the old dog..they are quite the pair..
Best Regards,Peter


I got my puppy BRUISER from LORI in march 2009.I was very nervous about purchasing a puppy online that I never seen in person or know the breeder;But after a year of me looking at LORI`S website I give her a call and I knew then she have everything I exactly wanted for my puppy. BRUISER has an awesome temperament ,loving,playful and very smart.He was potty trained within 2 weeks totally! His marking and colors are perfect.Everyone that has saw him complement how beautiful he is Bruiser is a perfect fit in my family and I would buy or recommend a puppy from LORI at STONEY CREEK.


I would like to say that Lori and STONEY CREEK ROTTWEILERS is excellent! I purchased my male Rottie (Brutus) from her recently, and he is simply amazing. My male has excellant bone structure with a perfect block head with a stance like no other that I have seen before. I was able to completely crate train Brutus in 24 hrs. He is well mannered with a perfect temperament. My only complaint is that I did’nt contact Lori sooner to adopt my Brutus! Once again, thank you Stoney Creek, and I encourage anyone that wants a EXCELLENT Rottie contact Lori immediately.
Jason Weeks
Rome, GA

Beautiful Animals

I contacted Lori after losing my last Rottie to cancer. She had a couple of wonderful pups that I knew would fit into my family but I needed to see the sire and dam to make my final decision. My wife had never been around other adult Rottweilers and was a little nervous about meeting the parents. Lori quickly put her at ease and introduced her to Vento and Zelda, our prospective puppy’s parents. She was amazed at how gentle and well mannered both dogs were. I met and interacted with all of Lori’s adult dogs and was truly impressed. All of them were well tempered, beautiful, socialized animals that many breeders advertise but so few have. If you are looking for the best, make sure that you talk with Lori of Stoney Creek Rottweilers.
Michael Smalle
Troy, AL

Extremely Happy

I recently lost two of my rottweilers to cancer this past year. That began my search for a male show quality puppy. I was not able to go and see the litter. I explained what I was looking for and Lori exceeded my expectations. Lori answered all of my questions and picked out the perfect puppy! He is beautiful and I could not be happier. I highly recommend Lori of Stoney Creek for quality Rottweilers. In my opinion,they are the best!!
Darci Orta
Arlington Heights, IL

The perfect Rottweiler

After six months of searching for the perfect Rottweiler, I found just that after I contacted Lori from Stoney Creek Rottweilers. Lori is very knowledgeable and compassionate in about her puppies and the breed. She answered all of my questions and really made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. Everywhere I take Dually, I get compliments on how large his head is, how thick his bones are, and how huge his paws are. He is an intelligent and gentle puppy. If you want the best of the best, call Lori at Stoney Creek.
Barry Gilbrick
Hawthorn Woods, IL


We just recently purchased our puppy from Lori at Stoney Creek. Not only are we 100% happy with our ‘Zara’, we are very pleased with Lori and how it was to buy our puppy from her. We had to have our puppy shipped and everything went great. Lori is very honest and always returned our calls right away. We are so pleased with our experience that we are going to purchase another puppy from her very soon:) Zara is just beautiful!!! We have gotten quite a few compliments on her and she has been with us for just a week. Our vet said that she looks great and they just adored her. She is very smart and is great with our 3 yr old daughter and everyone she meets. I just love her so much and am glad that we chose to purchase our puppy from Stoney Creek Rottweilers!!!!! THANKS LORI FOR OUR WONDERFUL PUPPY
Janet Massey
Garrett, IN

pleased with my pup

i have purchased a few rottweiler pups over many years i have never been more pleased with a pup than the one i got from mrs watkins at stoney creek kennels
Lester Rogers

Top Quality Rottweilers

My name is Claude Myers and I recently purchased a puppy from Lori. My only complaint is that I didn’t do it sooner, Lori is GREAT!!!She truly breeds top quality dogs. My entire family is totally happy with our newest family member. Lori and I communicated for several months before I made my purchase and she was always very informative and helpful, and professional. Lori’s dogs are absolutely magnificent. My puppy is now 12 wks old and we purchased him at 8 wks. He is a star at the local Petsmart we frequent. My Veternerian states and I quote ‘THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST ROTTWEILERS I’VE SEEN”. He truly is a beautiful dog that has excellent temperament, healthy, friendly, and jut a bundle of joy. I love my dog and I love Lori!! You cannot go wrong with Lori’s Rotties, they are everything she says they are. Thank you Lori.
Claude Myers